Sony NEX-VG900 More Impressions

As you can probably tell, I purchased a Sony NEX-VG900 last year and have had a bit of experience shooting with it. Below is a sample of what can be done with this camcorder.

I love the fact that I can finally use my full frame 35mm Nikon lenses without any crop factor. On the NEX-VG900 my Nikon 15mm rectilinear lens gives me the whole picture; can't beat that!

I shot this entire video with vintage manual Nikon AI-s lenses. You can't beat the beautiful bokeh these vintage lenses create.

Update: as of January 2015 - this is still the only interchangeable lens, full frame video camcorder available with a "video form factor" Sony always amazes me, not necessarily in a good way - this time they did.

WIKI List of large sensor interchangeable-lens video cameras

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