Lenses for Sony Alpha a7s

Sony Alpha a7s
What lenses do I use on my Sony a7s? I use everything I own, mostly vintage manual Nikon glass. I have even managed to find adapters on eBay for obscure lenses that most people haven't heard of.

Steinheil München 50mm f/1.9
How about this German made Steinheil München 50mm lens? Yes I got an adapter that allowed it to work with my NEX-7 and would allow it to work with my Sony Alpha a7s as well. I don't use the SM 50mm because I have a Nikon 50mm f/1.2 that serves as my 50mm lens for video.

I have reviewed numerous lenses on this blog and they all have been used with an adapter on my NEX cameras, most recently the Sony Alpha a7s.

No matter what manual 35mm photo lens you have, you can find an adapter to make it fit the a7s. Try eBay.

See my post on Have to Have Lenses for video, and this one on the use of Manual Lenses.

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